Masonry installations involve a lot of hard work and precision, but the result usually speaks for itself. If you want to build something strong, resilient and long lasting, structures built by a mason is the way to go. Masonry has stood the test of time and carefully constructed walls and structures are known to last for decades and sometimes centuries.

However, the strength of the structure doesn’t just depend on the skill of the mason, but also the quality of the material provided. We, at JL Masonry & Hardscaping have been sourcing quality masonry supplies for our clients in St. Albans in Vermont and the nearby areas of Swanton, Milton, Colchester, Jericho and Winooski.

We’ve also provide our services in Burlington, South Burlington, Williston, Morristown and Shelburne. Over the years, we’ve developed a reputation based on trust and excellence of service. We ensure that the products you chose are of the best quality and will last for many years to come.

Different Masonry Materials

Whatever be your masonry needs, we’re there to ensure that you select the best materials for your application.

Stone: There is nothing more resilient than stone and hundred year old buildings constructed from stone stand as proof. Stone masonry has been gaining popularity over the years. Many commercial and residential properties are now recognizing its value in terms of long term expenditure and maintenance. There are several types of stones available for sale, including bluestone, lilac bluestone and stone veneers. No matter what requirement you have, you’ll find a stone to fit your need.


Brick: The ever popular brick never loses its charm and it remains one of the most popular materials to use in construction. There is a rustic appeal to brick that never fades. Moreover, you can now fit it into the modern design concept since it comes in different forms and shapes. Brick structures are not only easy to maintain, but also easy to repair. It is a nice alternative to the more expensive stone and adds a unique, warm design element to your property.


Concrete: Concrete masonry units, i.e., CMU can form the basis of many walls and structures that are then covered up with veneers. There are very useful masonry tools that can combine the beauty and charm of stone and brick with the functionality and affordability of concrete. Concrete blocks can also be used in construction of structures and if used properly, they can add an austere, modern and urbane touch to your property.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice would depend entirely on the general design of your property, you personal taste and your budget. So whether you go for stone, concrete or brick masonry is up to you, but all materials are durable and when used properly, would be a great addition to your property.

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