Old buildings and structures can be pieces of art that have their own grace and charm, but they can be in a very bad condition as well. More often than not, you find yourself conducting repairs and might sometimes even need professional masonry restoration services. Without a doubt, restoration can be a difficult task to undertake. However, you also need quality material to restore the property you’re working on. When you get your property restored, you want it to last several decades at the very least.

JL Masonry & Hardscaping has helped carry out several restorations of buildings and other such structures in our hometown of St. Albans and even the neighboring towns of Swanton, Milton, Colchester, Jericho and Winooski.

There are a number of old structures that have needed our attention in Burlington, South Burlington, Williston, Morristown and Shelburne. Over the years, we have become a trusted brand and quite a few historical buildings have been entrusted to our care. We have provided top quality services for historic restoration.

Providing the Right Restoration Products

It is our goal to ensure when the restoration work is finished; the restored structure has a long life. Building a strong structure requires strong materials and tools along with masonry skills. We ensure that we help you get the best materials so that the structure is resilient and your money is well-spent.

To ensure that we fulfill our client’s needs, we ensure we understand their needs completely.

Along with the masons, we send our own experts to analyze and inspect the structure that needs to be restored. We study the materials that are already in use and check to see if there is any damage that needs to be repaired before new material is applied to the structure. To ensure that the building renovation doesn’t leave behind any hidden problems, we see to it that the structure is sound before we proceed.
Different structures have different restoration needs. We handle the restoration of foundations, brick restorations, chimneys and historical buildings as well. With that in mind, we ensure that the materials used are same or similar to the materials in the original construction. Unless our clients say otherwise, we intend to remain faithful to the character of a particular building. If the building is made of brick, we will use brick in restoration.
After we’ve studied the site and understood its needs, we explain our findings to our clients. We prepare a detailed report on the materials that would be needed, the quantity that would be needed, the estimated cost and the time it would take for us to complete the work.
Once all details are finalized, we carry out the work and supply the materials promptly so that the project remains on track.

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