Stone Veneer

Stone can be a great material to use when building structures, including gardens, fireplaces, walls and pathways. However, it isn’t always practical to use natural stone. It can be a bit more expensive than most materials. Moreover, those who are environmentally conscious feel uneasy using stone without knowing it’s been responsibly sourced. A great alternative to using natural stones is stone veneer.

At JL Masonry & Hardscaping, we can help you pick good quality stone veneer products throughout St. Albans and the neighboring town of Swanton, Milton, Colchester, Jericho and Winooski. We have seen more and more people opt for stone veneer instead of whole stones for many residential and commercial applications.

We observed the same trend in Burlington, South Burlington, Williston, Morristown and Shelburne, where we’ve been building a steady client base. Stone veneer has been in high demand recently. To meet this demand, there is a wide variety of designs and sizes available on the market nowadays.

What is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is generally made of stone though you do get artificial stone veneer as well. They are basically thinly cut slices of stone that you can adhere onto a plain surface. For example, you can install a wall made from concrete blocks and cover it with stone veneer to give it an appearance of stone. This makes your entire project more affordable and it is considerably less labor intensive than installing real stones.

Stone Veneer Choices

There are many options available to you when it comes to stone veneer. Depending on your design requirements and your budget, you can pick any one of them.

Real Stone Veneer: There is a major emphasis on reducing the stress to the environment these days and locally sourced stones are growing in demand. Many commercial and residential property owners are opting for real stone veneer instead of whole stones. These give the look and feel of stones but the structures aren’t as heavy and the stones are only 1” to 2” thick. It is more affordable since less stone covers more area. The advantage is that they provide an elegant, old world like look that is prized by designers these days.


Manufactured Stone Veneer: These veneers are becoming more and more popular, especially since they are less expensive in most regions. Manufactured stone veneer can come in various designs and colors. They are also available in various levels of thickness.


Thin Stone Veneer: Unlike real stone veneer, the thin stone veneer retains the look but not the natural protruding shape of stones. These veneers are thin and flat like tiles and are ideal to line the walls of buildings and other structures. They’re generally great to pull off a modern, sleek look. Thin stone veneers are more suited for indoors than they are for outdoors but they’re a great option and look wonderful as well.

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