Retaining wall construction can be the most important part of your landscape project. It is the one thing that keeps your garden or lawn in place in uneven terrain. Without retaining walls, your backyard might erode slowly during bad weather as the soil leaves your yard and slips onto the driveway or pathways. The best way to prevent this is by erecting strong retaining walls.

To create strong retaining walls, however, you need strong materials. JL Masonry & Hardscaping has been building sturdy retaining walls for many years now. We’re the trusted installers here in St. Albans, Vermont and the neighboring areas of Swanton, Milton, Colchester, Jericho and Winooski.

We have supplied services to several projects in Burlington, South Burlington, Williston, Morristown and Shelburne as well. We are aware that to build a retaining wall which is strong and resilient, you need the best quality materials. We are determined to help our customers source the best products that would ensure their structures lasts a lifetime..

All Retaining Wall Needs in One Place

Retaining walls serve an important function but they are also a part of the overall design of your property. You might want to construct a wall that is in harmony with that. Moreover, if you’re building a retaining wall to surround your gardens or lawns you might have to pick something that looks beautiful and blends in. Thankfully, there are different options for you to choose from.


Rock or Stone Walls: Rocks and stones have been used to build walls for hundreds of years. They are resilient, can stand up against the elements and look beautiful as well. Rock retaining walls can add elegance to your property while being strong enough to hold back the pressure of soil for several years. They are, however the most expensive option and require skilled masons to install.


Brick walls: Brick is a more affordable alternative to stone. Moreover, traditional bricks add a warm and rustic look to your property that is unmatched by any other material. Brick retaining walls can be strong and long lasting as well, and they require very little maintenance. Moreover, brick walls can be laid in a curving serpentine pattern to mould along the boundaries of your property. Such walls are actually more stable than straight brick walls. Constructing a brick wall would require a skilled mason and good quality materials.


Block walls: Walls made from concrete masonry units and concrete block can also form strong walls. Concrete block retaining wall is becoming more and more popular amongst commercial as well as residential owners. These blocks are more affordable and easier to install. The design might not be appealing to some but that can be easily fixed by adding stone or brick veneers over it. However, if a block is damaged or cracked, it can’t be fixed by just filling or sealing, the unit would need to be replaced.

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